C8RallyDriver Alert! New Carbon Fiber Corvette C8 Trunk Cover! Let's Drive Yo!

C8RallyDriver Alert! New Carbon Fiber Corvette C8 Trunk Cover! Let's Drive Yo!

Keith Cornett, Corvette Blogger on 19th Nov 2023

See the Latest New Products from C8RallyDriver. Let’s Drive Yo!

By Keith Cornett -
See the Latest New Products from C8RallyDriver. Let’s Drive Yo! Photo Credit: C8RallyDriver

Our friends at C8RallyDriver have been expanding their product portfolio and we’re excited to be among the first to share these new products with you. Of course, if you followed our posts in the past, you know that C8RallyDriver makes those really cool GM licensed C8 trunk covers for Coupes and Convertibles, as well as the anodized Boomerang Hatch Supports and the Stealth Mounted Rear Strut Covers. The hatch supports and rear strut covers are currently on sale for $100 off, and you can save an additional $40 off of each of these ($120 in saving all together) when you use the VETTE40 promo code during check out.

Today we’re bringing you these two new exclusive C8RallyDriver products, the new Z06 Engine Builder Plaque and the Carbon Fiber C8 Trunk Cover.

Z06 Engine Builder PlaqueZ06 Engine Builder Plaque
The Gemini 670-hp LT6 V8 in your Corvette Z06 represents the tip of the technological spear for GM and it deserves to be placed on a pedestal. Each Z06 engine is hand-built by a single craftsman at the Performance Build Center in the Corvette Assembly Plant and once complete, his/her name and signature are added to the engine with an Engine Builder Plaque. C8RallyDriver offers a way to further showcase your Z06’s engine builder with these enhanced machined aluminum Z06 Engine Builder Plaques. Delivered in a satin black presentation box, the Z06 Engine Builder Plaque are offered in anodized satin black or red, anodized brushed aluminum, as well as all factory 2023 and 2024 factory colors. Coming soon are versions in visible carbon fiber and forged carbon fiber.

Z06 Engine Builder PlaqueThese are a direct bolt-on replacement of the OEM plastic versions. C8RallyDriver’s exclusive Z06 Engine Builder Plaques are machined from 6061 aluminum and the enhanced design features larger side cutouts and an angular style that matches the firepower contained in the Z06 engine. Adding the Z06 Engine Builder Plaque takes just ten minutes and mounting hardware is included. Fits all 2023+ Corvette Z06 Coupe and Hard Top Convertible LT6 Engines and the dimensions allow for factory fitment of the GM carbon fiber engine/plenum cover.

The enhanced Corvette Z06 Engine Builder Plaque is regularly priced at $149.99 and currently offered for $124.99 for most colors. Expect a two-week lead time for factory paint option.

Carbon Fiber C8 Trunk Cover

The Carbon Fiber C8 Trunk Cover is an exclusive design to C8RallyDriver and it allows you to cover your trunk and its contents with a visible carbon fiber cover. Perfect for car shows and other gatherings, you can hide those golf clubs or detailing equipment while showing off your Corvette Coupe’s engine compartment. The visible carbon fiber has a v-weave directly up the center and matches other v-weave carbon fiber patterns currently on the market. The Carbon Fiber C8 Trunk Cover offers a recessed area to allow the rear hatch mechanism to fully latch and it can remain on your car with the trunk closed.

Carbon Fiber C8 Trunk Cover
While it’s not a replacement for the original soft C8 Trunk Cover that offers a waterproof barrier, the Carbon Fiber C8 Trunk Cover will prevent overspray from soaking your trunk’s carpet when washing your engine bay. The C8 Trunk Cover installs in minutes by simply pressing it into the rubber trunk seal. It fits all C8 Corvette Coupes including Stingray, Z06, and E-Ray. A version for the convertible model is coming soon.

Carbon Fiber C8 Trunk Cover
The manufacturing process features a full pre-preg dry carbon layup that is autoclaved and finished in super gloss clear coat with a UV protective coating. The carbon fiber weave orientation is V-weave up the center of the cover that matches other aftermarket v-weave carbon fiber patterns. C8RallyDriver also includes a soft microfiber storage bag with hanging straps for temporary transport or storage in your garage.

C8RallyDriver is taking pre-orders on their next batch which is set to ship in January. The Carbon Fiber C8 Trunk Cover currently fits all 2020+ C8 Coupes with a Convertible version on the way. Regularly priced at $1,299, it’s on sale for $1,199 and can be combined with CorvetteBlogger’s VETTE40 promo code for additional savings.

Original Custom C8 Trunk Covers

Original Custom C8 Trunk Covers
While the Original C8 Trunk Covers work great for hiding your personal items at a car show, the original intent was to protect your trunk and carpet from getting wet while detailing your engine bay. The C8 Coupe’s engine bay is notorious for its ability to suck up water and road grime and spread it all around. As we head into winter, those who daily drive their cars year round will be particularly hard hit.

Original Custom C8 Trunk Covers
The fastest way to clean that engine bay before putting it back in the garage is to throw on the trunk cover and wash out the dust and any salt spray thoroughly. It’s impossible to completely clean the water mist, dust, dirt and salt spray that accumulates from underneath the car through vacuum pressure without the use of soap and water. That’s why C8RallyDriver offers the only GM-Licensed Corvette accessory designed for engine bay detailing.

C8RallyDriver offers tons of GM-licensed logos and designs and the covers are available in multiple colors as well. Scott Maxwell of The Corvette Channel shows how easy it is to install the C8 Trunk Cover:

More from C8RallyDriver is also now offering hundreds of Corvette C8 products from a wider variety of manufacturers – even more products are going live over the coming week – including Paragon Performance and CCS carbon fiber parts to dress up your C8 engine bay – along with custom designed logo and Corvette licensed logo WindRestrictors. There really is no excuse to have a boring engine bay anymore. Customers can pick up carbon fiber rear strut overs, CNC hatch supports, Corvette licensed oil and coolant caps, and other accessories while shopping for C8RallyDriver trunk covers. Let’s DRIVE Yo!

See the Sales Flyer for strut covers and hatch supports – lowest prices ever!