Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Covers

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Product Description

Made in the USA, the C8RallyDriver low-profile carbon fiber rear strut tower cover eliminates water and dirt buildup in the strut tower assembly, making it easy to keep the strut tower assemby and engine bay clean while providing a factory-finished appearance. The Corvette C8 factory angles are maintained, allowing the smooth finished surface of the covers to drain water away quickly into the existing drainage areas designed by GM engineers.  The covers install easily using factory mounting holes with no exposed hardware – STEALTH attachment.  These pre-preg carbon fiber covers are virtually indestructible and will enhance the appearance of your Corvette C8 engine bay!

Low-profile design with stealth mounting - NO exposed screws or nuts

Fully encapsulates the entire rear strut towers – including the top and around all sides

ZERO Maintenance - simply wipe down with detail spray when cleaning the engine area

Apply a ceramic or graphene coating to enhance shine and facilitate water drainage

Appearance is consistent with the carbon fiber weave angled towards the center of the C8 engine

CONSTRUCTION: C8RallyDriver low-profile rear strut tower covers are manufactured entirely in the USA with prepreg carbon fiber layup.  The covers match carbon fiber patterns and the high gloss finish of most other carbon fiber products on the market using the industry standard 2x2 twill/weave.  The covers are manufactured in polished aluminum molds and finished using autoclave technology for the lightest, strongest composite parts available.  This is the same process used to manufacture composite carbon fiber parts for Formula 1 race car teams.

C8RallyDriver products are manufactured in the USA.


Mag-ride and non mag-ride versions available

Installs using factory mounting hole – so zero modification and no unsightly metal hardware to rust

Attaches with a hidden single black body panel fastener

Mag-ride version attaches using the existing mag-ride factory panel fastener

Other Details

Installation Hardware:
Installation hardware and instructions included.

Warranty Information

If it breaks, we’ll take care of it. No questions asked. Well we might ask one, like “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot did you do?!?!” Seriously, we’ve got you covered as long as you follow these instructions, drive a C8 and generally don’t cause any problems.

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