IMPORTANT NOTICE: C8 Trunk Covers can only be used for static "parked" engine bay displays OR for detailing/washing the C8 engine bay. This is the GM-licensed use case for Corvette brand C8 Trunk Covers. There is no reason for the trunk to be covered to prevent water in the carpeted trunk area when the rear hatch is closed. The C8 trunk has a rubber seal around the trunk to prevent water entry when the rear hatch is closed. Both the latch and grab handle recess into the trunk when closed, so the rear hatch cannot close if there is a cover over the factory-installed rubber seal. The C8 trunk cover can still be used to cover the trunk area when the coupe roof is stored in the trunk. 
If you are looking for a trunk cover that remains on the trunk of the C8 Corvette when the rear hatch is closed, please go to the C8RallyDriver Carbon Fiber Trunk Cover at this link: C8RallyDriver Carbon Fiber Trunk Cover  The C8RallyDriver Carbon Fiber Trunk Cover remains on the C8 Corvette trunk when the rear hatch is closed. 

SHIPPING DATE: Custom covers and most GM-branded covers will ship in 2-3 weeks. Trunk covers are custom made products using laser printers, CNC cutters and hand sewn/finished by craftsmen. Some covers will ship sooner and some later due to supply chain and manufacturing pipeline. We will ship your order within 24 hours of completion and a tracking number will be provided. All factory color options including trunk covers, hatch supports, and strut covers require 3 weeks minimum to produce.

RETURNS: C8RallyDriver will apply a $25 restocking/shipping fee for returned C8 Trunk Covers if returned in new condition, undamaged and unused. Returns will not be authorized and refunds will not be approved beyond 30 days of delivery receipt for any product. Otherwise, your C8 Trunk Cover has a LIFETIME "no questions asked" warranty against defects or even breakage under normal use. The lifetime warranty covers replacement of the C8 Trunk Cover. Custom designed and printed C8Trunk Covers will not be refunded once manufacturing of your pre-approved design is printed.