Check Out the Latest C8 Accessories from C8RallyDriver!

Check Out the Latest C8 Accessories from C8RallyDriver!

Keith Cornett, Corvette on 17th Sep 2023

Our friends from C8RallyDriver are back to share some great new updates to their innovative product line-up for the C8 Corvette. C8RallyDriver offers GM Licensed Trunk Covers that allow you to clean your Coupe’s engine bay and hide all your car detailing supplies or other personal items while at a show and you can still show off your Corvette’s engine. They also make upgraded hatch supports for C8 Coupes and C8 strut covers to keep water and road grime from getting into your rear struts.

Check out the latest updates below and CorvetteBlogger readers will receive an exclusive discount of $40 on each of the three C8RallyDriver products, with a total savings of $120 available when you use the promo code VETTE40.

C8 Corvette Trunk CoversC8 Corvette Trunk Covers
One of our favorite aftermarket products for the C8 Corvette is this “dual-use” C8 Trunk Cover from C8RallyDriver.

C8 Corvette Stingray Coupe owners are sometimes shocked at how dirty the engine bay can get without regular cleaning. GM devised the C8 Corvette’s engine bay to allow water to drain through the hatch and out the bottom, but you are still left with dust, dirt, and road grime clinging to the engine bay surfaces. The owners manual says you can clean your engine bay with a pressure washer, but then you run the risk of soaking your fabric-lined trunk during cleaning.

C8 Corvette Trunk Covers
The C8 Trunk Covers offer several benefits for Coupe owners. It’s an easy way to protect your trunk’s carpet while spraying down the engine compartment during a car wash, while a secondary use is to protect your personal items or keep unsightly detailing products hidden while showing off your engine compartment at a car show.

While the C8 Trunk Covers were designed to fit only Coupe models, C8 Convertible owners have been requesting their own versions and now C8RallyDriver has introduced the C8 Trunk Covers for Convertibles due to popular demand.

C8 Corvette Trunk Covers
These C8 Trunk Covers are licensed GM accessories and C8RallyDriver has many different color and logo options available. You can even have your own custom logo added for business or branding opportunities.

The Original C8 Corvette Trunk Covers from start at $179.99, while the custom and Corvette branded versions are priced at $269.99. CorvetteBlogger readers can save $40 off a Corvette branded trunk cover by using the promo code VETTE40!

Corvette C8 Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports

Corvette C8 Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports
Another unique product only available from C8RallyDriver are these Boomerang-style Rear Hatch Supports designed to fit all C8 Corvette coupes including the Stingray, Z06, and the upcoming E-Ray. These rear hatch supports weigh the same but offer a nice aesthetic upgrade over the standard OEM mounts. Machined from 6061 billet aluminum and shaped to look like the C8 Corvette’s side air intakes, the supports were professionally designed and engineered to provide a lifetime of service.

The C8 Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports are offered in Satin Black, Bright Red, or Metallic Silver and now you can also order them in any of the C8 Corvette’s exterior body colors to bring that color into the dark engine bay. The body color mounts take about two weeks to be painted your factory color, and they are guaranteed to be a perfect match! Prices start at $424.99 for the pair, and you save $40 off the price by using the promo code VETTE40 during checkout.

“Stealth-Mount” Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Covers

Another great product from C8RallyDriver that serves a specific function are these “Stealth-Mount” Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Covers which are designed to keep water and dirt from accumulating in the rear strut assemblies. The covers are available for Corvettes equipped with or without Magnetic Ride Control.

The carbon fiber rear strut covers are manufactured with a 2×2 twill/weave pattern that matches the OEM carbon fiber pieces offered by General Motors. Both versions of the strut covers are shipped with Cerakote ceramic coating applied so maintenance is snap…just wipe down with quick detailer and you’re all set! One of the cooler aspects of these carbon fiber strut covers is that they are “stealth-mounted” so that no visible screws or bolts are showing…just beautiful carbon fiber or your exterior body color!

Stealth-Mount Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Covers
The C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Covers are available in visible carbon fiber for $379.99, and you can now order them in your Corvette’s exterior body color starting at $429.99 for further customization of your engine bay. CorvetteBlogger readers get $40 off when you use promo code VETTE40 at checkout.

Watch a Z06 Owner Install C8RallyDriver Products

We first heard about the C8 Trunk Covers over a year ago through Matt on the RearWheelDrive YouTube Channel, and Matt has since become a great brand ambassador for C8RallyDriver. We have a new video below showing Matt outfitting his new Black 2023 Corvette Z06 with these products from C8RallyDriver. Rear Wheel Drive C8Z06 Install Video

All these great C8 Corvette products from C8RallyDriver are made in the USA. Visit C8RallyDriver to check out their gallery to see real-word examples of their C8 Trunk Covers, Rear Strut Covers, and the Rear Hatch Supports. C8RallyDriver offers a very generous warranty program and installation support is also provided.

C8RallyDriver is offering free shipping in the continental USA to CorvetteBlogger readers now through 9/30/2023. Use the promo code VETTE40 to save $40 off each of the three featured products, or $120 for all three!

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