Custom Logo Corvette C8 Trunk Cover

Ships 3 weeks from date artwork is approved. Please read the product description section below carefully before submitting artwork and images to avoid delays.

Product Description

Designed primarily as an engine bay detailing product, The Original C8 Corvette Trunk Cover™ will protect the fabric-lined trunk of the Corvette C8 from water spray, chemicals, and stains on wash days during engine bay detailing. The cover is installed in just a few minutes and makes engine bay cleaning and detailing a breeze! 

DUAL USE PRODUCT! The quality of The Original C8 Corvette Trunk Cover™ is show-car quality – so it can also be used as a trunk cover when the car is parked, and the rear deck is open displaying the engine bay. Allows out-of-sight storage of personal items in the trunk at car shows.

Following the power washing recommendations in your C8 Owners Manual, The Original C8 Corvette Trunk Cover™makes cleaning the C8 rear windows, underside of rear deck, engine surround and engine bay a breeze – less than 15 min from dirt to dazzle using foam wash, pressure washer/water hose and leaf blower. Leave the rear deck up while washing your C8 and clean everything at once! 

Allows hand washing, hose or pressure washing without water spray, soap or stains ruining the carpeted trunk area. 

Easily clean out dirt, salt residue, road grime, oil, etc. that gets into the engine compartment when you drive. 

*Includes zippered storage case in same color as the cover. Includes installation hardware.

*If you are submitting custom artwork for a laser imprinted logo, please review the requirements for submission below. Send your artwork/logo by email to

*Vectorized image file and Pantone/CMYK colors must be supplied to ensure accuracy of printing. Send us your logo and we can take a look at it.

*Basic artwork such as social media names and image preparation of customer-supplied artwork is included in the custom logo price.

*For customized artwork and design services that are more advanced, we will provide a quote.

*Customers who order custom logo covers will receive a "proof" by email which requires customer approval before we send the cover into production.

*Custom printed logo covers will take 3-4 weeks to ship due to supply/manufacturing requirements.  Custom logo covers will not be refunded once the cover is submitted for production.  



Other Details

Storage Case:
Includes zippered storage case in same color as the cover. Includes installation hardware.

Warranty Information

If it breaks, we’ll take care of it. No questions asked. Well we might ask one, like “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot did you do?!?!” Seriously, we’ve got you covered as long as you follow these instructions, drive a C8 and generally don’t cause any problems.