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Is it okay to wash the C8 Corvette engine bay?

Short answer is YES!!!  It is perfectly acceptable to use a water hose or pressure washer to clean the engine bay of the C8 Corvette if you follow GM pressure washer and cleaning/maintenance recommendations.  The GM C8 Corvette Owner’s Manual provides directions and specifications for pressure washing the engine bay. C8RallyDriver does not recommend aggressively spraying the engine or electrical parts directly with a pressure washer, but regular light washing, drying and detailing the engine bay is part of a good maintenance plan. GM engineers specifically designed water collection and drainage holes in the C8 engine bay at all four corners, along the rear edge of the trunk, and the engine bay allows for water to drain completely through to the ground under the car when it rains and for washing the car. It’s okay to get it wet!

How does the C8 Corvette engine bay get dirty to begin with?

While some water and dust enter the engine bay through the heat vents on either side of the rear window, most water spray and dust enters the engine bay from underneath the car while driving.  Drive down a slightly dusty road to find out for yourself.  Dust is easily lifted upwards from underneath the car around the engine by vacuum – the vacuum pulls dust, water spray, and road grime up into the engine bay where it promptly settles – this is just the nature of the design - and you are holding the only solution to fast and effective cleaning and ongoing maintenance in your hands. With regular cleaning using a mild cleaner and medium water pressure from your water hose or pressure washer, your engine bay will always be exceptionally clean using The Original C8 Corvette Trunk Cover™.  

The Original C8 Corvette Trunk Cover™ Installation Instructions

Detailed installation instructions and additional tips and recommendations for care and use, as well as engine bay detailing are available at

Step 1 - UseT15 driver to remove the 16 OEM screws as indicated by the green dotsDo not remove the two T15 screws with red dots in Diagram A.




Step 2 - Install 16 snap studs with a Phillips screwdriver until firmly seated (Diagram B). Do not overtighten. Do not use a drill or impact driver. Overtightening the snap stud may damage the OEM threads and prevent the snap from working properly.



Step 3 - Install cover by laying into carpeted trunk, unrolling and working from one end to the other, snapping the cover into place. Attach the two bungee clips under the front edge of the engine bay surround at the front of the trunk.  See blue arrows on Diagram C below.  This will create the tension needed to allow water to drain properly into the drainage holes positioned around the engine bay and trunk.